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I went to Shanghai for a visa and had a long time to go to dinner with a friend I hadn't seen for a long time. I asked her, Alain, do you remember the flag you made with me last Christmas?


'In fact, I've been thinking about dating a lot of times this year,'says Mr. Alain.'But every time I move the idea, I find there's no one around.


I said, Alain, have you ever thought, in fact, you are also good-looking, income is also very ok, will take care of people, considerate, in the eyes of everyone, you are very easy to take off the single, but still single reason?


I said, there are a lot of girls around, their own conditions are not bad, but also willing to find a boyfriend to fall in love, but always cannot find, they think their own bad luck, did not meet the right person, in fact, the real answer is that they are single on their own strength.


With the progress of society, girls now live more and more independently, they can live their own life, eat their own food, sleep their own, light bulb broken their own change, water pipe broken their own repair, lonely pet, sad to go to the best friend singing K, life to exercise their independence.


But in fact, independence in the feelings is often a double-edged sword, too independent means that I do not need you, I can also live very well, in other words, life for me, whether you are the same.


Independent girls often bring such a feeling to boys, they do not need your care, do not need your care, they will not be coquettish, will not be unreasonable. Obviously they also know that coquettish women better life, a little weak will be favored, but they cannot do.


If, in this life, we are doomed to meet a true love for you, the only problem we have not yet met this person.


A person who is in the house all day, does not love the social, the person who does not love to go out is not to find the object, your boyfriend will not fall down from the sky and hit your home, you want to go out for a walk, make new friends, expand the new social circle.


Social is not social, you can find something you love to do, no matter what, you will always have friends of common interest, and then through them, a little expansion of your circle, your hobbies, make your life full enough, when you have enough hobbies, you will find that the probability of meeting true love, or quite big.


I wrote an article before, I said that now a lot of girls are single on strength, other girls will be coquettish, will sell cute, people talk is, alas, hate. And you are, fuck off.


Such a girl is too rough, we always say that life needs a sense of ceremony, and love needs a sense of ceremony. No man will be attracted to a woman who is a better man than he is, and no man will be attracted to a girl who is unruly all day.


Before I had a female friend, once out walking the dog, met a very excited boy, want to go up to ask for a phone, can look at their plain face, did not wash their face, wearing pajamas sleeping pants, decisively gave up.


Then every day friends will be carefully packed down the stairs to walk the dog, once again meet the boy, she will be the boy's phone, and the smooth release of the single.


Try a little more exquisite, exquisite is not equal to always dressed to travel, you can go out without makeup, but must remember to wash your face and brush your teeth, and then go out clean.


That is too sensitive people, sensitivity often means that there is no sense of security, worry about gain and loss, easy to think, too much inner play, such a girl to boys feel a word, do.


I said, in fact, there is no standard line of feelings, but a good relationship must be like this, you will have your own life, he will also have their own space, you will not want to always let him in your side, but just when you need him in your side.


Don't take your boyfriend as a 24-hour online robot, trust him appropriately, he will occasionally not see your WeChat, occasionally not receive your phone call, as long as he and you explain clearly after the event is enough.


In the book read such a passage, young people must not underestimate the love of this matter, love is actually a person's happiness for the rest of life, is a very important thing, you must meet a good enough partner, so that you can spend the rest of your life with him.